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invincible 01:39
when the rain came we peeled off our masks and laid on the gravel our fingers full of knotted grass when the night fell we piled in your car and rolled down the windows our fingers full of sky and stars
wouldn't it 03:01
it's times like this i kinda wanna be a kid again the night is old but we are barely getting started and we're singing songs that we don't know, we are destroying them we're trading stories like, "oh, holy shit, remember when?" we're sure there was a time when every evening felt like this a never-ending stretch of space, of undiscovered bliss i'm pretty sure that's false, it's not a real thing that we miss it's just a lie that we all make up when we reminisce 'cause wouldn't it be nice? wouldn't it be nice? wouldn't it be nice? wouldn't it be nice? it would be nice to have a summer like i see on shows a season like i hear about in songs on radios sepia-tinted nights where we get drunk and lose our clothes this year's been shit so far, we all deserve a few of those i'll have to learn to ride a bike, but if i do then we can have a bike ride montage on a day down by the sea i mean, the lake-- the sea is pretty far away from me but it's still got waves and sandcastles and the sun is free and wouldn't it be nice? wouldn't it be nice? wouldn't it be nice? wouldn't it be nice? wouldn't it? wouldn't it just be grand? when midnight struck on new years, i swore i'd try to be brave but some friends we shared this weather with last have gone away and a silly part of me feels that it could be ok if we could just have a few movie-perfect summer days 'cause wouldn't it be nice? wouldn't it be nice? wouldn't it be nice? wouldn't it be nice? wouldn't it? wouldn't it just be grand? wouldn't it be nice?
sod bandits 03:14
purple lips dirt-caked chests spines pressed to asphalt heads turned northwest purple teeth vodka tongues how did we pass time when we were young we ask ourselves what we used to do before we were legal, when we were still new how did we pass the nighttime hours as budding flowers, before we had booze stealing food lighting smokes trying to make plans trying to hold hope stealing kisses dancing hard blaring sad songs in dark backyards we ask ourselves how we used to play before we were jaded to the sweetness of may how did we get through quiet nights as tiny sprites, before we strayed
the sun will rise on my softened body just hours after we leave here after we finally move our feet from these soft wood planks after we tear ourselves from this table of shad flies and beer the sun will reach down to work tension out of my bare shoulders painting them like it paints clouds with sailors' warnings and it will dry up and flake off; art always fades off of my body nobody can mark me, not even the maker of mornings not even the bringer of daylight can brand me permanently we'll feast, we'll feed, on that windy island barefeet on gravel and on dirt we'll run and we'll fall like we used to in school yards we'll touch our bloody knees with sweaty fingers like they don't hurt we'll feast, we'll feed, we'll climb away from everything that chased our vessel on its journey across the sea and our feet will not meet the ground again our toes won't touch the road that we rode into this town on as we take it back
i promised you tapestries, but i only unravel i promised you statues, but i bring only gravel
list #4 03:49
do i have to be afraid? do i have to be afraid? do i have to be ok? do i have to be ok? tea leaves on your chest pink flowers at your feet salt water on dry dirt piles of ripped up grass bare skin smoking in unseasonable heat a list of things we brought you when your tension turned to past do i have to be afraid?
vincible 03:38
surrounded by abandoned caps & covered in ash we're floating like the cork we pushed into the bottle with a pen to get to the wine and we have so much time no, we have no time nights are getting colder, getting longer but never mind we have the water, we have starlight, we have tonight tonight tonight tonight tonight tonight i lay down to watch the sky then close my eyes and listen to the wind and waves and words 'cause i am trying my goddamnedest to be present to be thankful for the people i love while they're here 'cause if there's one thing this year made clear it's that we are finite but it's alright at least tonight tonight tonight tonight tonight tonight we have so much time no, we have no time but we have so much wine and we're together tonight tonight tonight tonight at least one more night


tiny monthly themed ep 7/12

a snapshot of a summer: a haze of heat and nostalgia and cheap wine and friendship and death


released July 31, 2016

words & mouth sounds & acoustic bits by satah
lots of composition & keyboardy bits by calebseguin.bandcamp.com




people you meet outside of bars Peterborough, Ontario

hi, i'm satah. welcome to gay goth vibes dot online, my collection of big feelings. i like to sing about stuff that hearts do, like stopping forever or breaking or going too fast or whatever

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