this type of ache

by people you meet outside of bars

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tiny monthly themed ep 10/12

dreams & dream-like things


released November 2, 2016




people you meet outside of bars Peterborough, Ontario

hi, i'm satah. welcome to gay goth vibes dot online, my collection of big feelings. i like to sing about stuff that hearts do, like stopping forever or breaking or going too fast or whatever
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Track Name: capillaries
oh, look:
have you seen the vines twisting 'round the phone lines?
are you on your knees? have you seen the burst capillaries?
have you touched the wires? have you learned how to start fires?

can you hear the fluorescents sing?
have you found what the florists hid?
can you count the cracks in the ceiling?
have you heard what the forest did?

oh, look
at your shadow growing as the light begins strobing
have you seen the bricks break? are you familiar with this type of ache?
all the camera flashes, soft winds carrying ashes

can you hear the halogen hum?
have you sketched the curve of stone wings?
can you tell me what we've done?
have the heavens heard about these things?
Track Name: ten five
we were in a shopper's drug mart
you stumbled & grabbed for my wrist
& we almost kissed

you said, "i want to be with you, but the problem is you actually love me"
& then you hugged me
i want that to be true
Track Name: cleaning out the kitchen cupboards
a flipbook of you sighing as you chop another line
we feel as though we're dying
most of the time

we pray, o lord, that you have blessed
this battered cage of nervous tics & neurosis
we pray with every kiss

a sculpture of you sighing as you say, "no luck tonight"
we think that we are dying
some day, we will be right

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