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2009?? anyway you can absolutely hear my cat eating in the background yes. my bad but mostly his bad i think


i will take my shovel to the beach
dig a hole, and lay inside
rest my head on my tired arms
and quietly wait for the tide

and when the waves roll in
i'll exhale and close my eyes
and smile at the tune
for the montage of my life

someone says, "you need some help
"i know a group that meets on thursday"
i say, "thanks, but i'm ok
"i don't like free coffee that much anyway

"and i'm not aggressively suicidal
"it's just something that comes up when my hands are idle
"it's not something i actively chase
"it's just something; it just fills the space"

i talk to my piano
i tell it that i feel alone and
blame my moods on chemicals
thc and serotonin

"maybe everyone is sad," i say
"maybe i just think about it more
"i mean, everyone, while on a bridge
"will consider jumping, i'm sure"

i'm sure


from i don't know what i'm hiding from, released December 20, 2016




people you meet outside of bars Peterborough, Ontario

hi, i'm satah. welcome to gay goth vibes dot online, my collection of big feelings. i like to sing about stuff that hearts do, like stopping forever or breaking or going too fast or whatever

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