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all my friends are playing house
i'm still licking blood off my fingers
my friends are up and catching fire
and i am sitting down in the cinders

it's not fair to say they're playing
in fact, who am i to be saying anything?
there's no maligning, no betraying
only growth and only changing
christ, there's nothing wrong with changing

all my friends are drying off
i'm still soaking wet in the staircase
they're settling in and settling down
and i am drinking 'til i'm a disgrace

it's not fair to play the martyr
or expect them to all stay nonstarters
it's not like i've been abandoned
or like they conspired and planned it
and christ, who am i to claim candid?

it's not fair to be so bitter
i should be more kind, be more considerate
there's no use crying, no use blaming
over growth or over changing
christ! there's nothing wrong with changing


from uncharismatic, released March 31, 2016




people you meet outside of bars Peterborough, Ontario

hi, i'm satah. welcome to gay goth vibes dot online, my collection of big feelings. i like to sing about stuff that hearts do, like stopping forever or breaking or going too fast or whatever

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