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i wrote this song the day i bought my first ukulele, 2008-ish


baby, the snow is falling & it's keeping me awake
it crackles & it flickers in its muffled, staticky way
how am i supposed to sleep as frost forms on the pane?
how could i ever close my eyes without the comfort of the rain?

my alarm will go off in two and a half hours
i pray for a snow day with all of my power

i can hear it freezing, can't you?

i'm a breakdown in the making: my entire body's shaking
& i'd say the earth was quaking if the walls weren't standing sitll
i'd take something to stop the aching if i weren't feeling ill
i think my fever might be breaking but i'll need another pill

can't relax, can't sleep
tried meditation, tried counting sheep
but my eye has a twitch and i don't mean to complain
but i've developed an itch in the middle of my brain

might give in
might get spacy
it might be easier, but i'm too lazy

i can feel it building, there's this flutter deep inside
the shaky achy hands are getting hard to hide
if i come apart in front of you, there's nothing much that you can do
but please send this message to the masses:

it's alright! it's ok! she's just a little shook up today
it's alright! it's all ok! move along folks, there's nothing to say

all that needs doing is the sewing together
i'm perfectly fine, just under the weather

all that needs doing is to warm the hot glue
i'm doing just fine, just a little bit blue

all that needs doing is a patch or a graft (i can hear it freezing, can't you?)
i'm finding my way, i just strayed from the path (i can hear it freezing, can't you?)

i can feel it building, there's this tension deep inside


from i don't know what i'm hiding from, released December 20, 2016




people you meet outside of bars Peterborough, Ontario

hi, i'm satah. welcome to gay goth vibes dot online, my collection of big feelings. i like to sing about stuff that hearts do, like stopping forever or breaking or going too fast or whatever

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